1st Birthday

Today Buzz turned one… where that year has gone I don’t know.

Such a small dog but he has so much character and is such a happy boy. digital photographer_0076

After loosing my beloved Flynn last August I pondered whether to get another dog but having always had two or three dogs it seemed strange just having the one and Maya seemed a bit lonely. I stumbled across this breed via an agility friend who has one of his half sisters. I had seen picture so her and just thought she was a nice small collie. I had never heard of the Mini American Shepherd before.. I got the breeders details and it led me to another breeder Fran of http://www.basileas-minis.com

I fell in love with him the minute I saw him on the breeders website, but thought that all the pups would have gone. I was lucky, she had just been let down and Buzz was available so I arranged to visit… one glance from his little foxy face and there was no going back for me and he has given me so much enjoyment in the past year and I can’t thank Fran enough for letting me have him.

We are working hard on our agility and we are hoping to start competing in the spring 2016…

digital photographer_0078It’s hard being the puppy in the house with the big bad wolf….. please play with me…………

ZX7A4170Early morning walks in the Autumn.

ZX7A4986First Christmas

ZX7A0370Not the baby any more… I got a playmate!!!!

ZX7A0045AChilling out……

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My New Pup….

“What another”, many have said, as Buzz is only just turning 11 months. I made the mistake of going to the breeders http://www.basileas-minis.com to photograph the two litters she had there and just fell in love with this one. Sadly for my husband who thinks one dog would be one too many… the person who he was taken by pulled out…. Lucky me!!!!!  How could I resist this little fella.   (4 Weeks Old)

Summer dogs_0068

He is another Mini American Shepherd dog, the same breed as Buzz but different parents and he has now been at home with us for a week and a half and has settle in so well as did Buzz. He will probably be a little bigger than Buzz but smaller than Maya. His name is DASH..  Summer dogs_0168

I took several trips over to see this little fella and the rest of the pups. My next visit was at 5 weeks old, they do grow so quickly!

Summer dogs_0095It was also nice to be able to get some images of the pups outside as well. Makes me laugh how short his legs are in these images.

Summer dogs_0091Next visit was for a sneaky cuddle and of course some more pictures. All the pups had grown so much and at this point are 7 Weeks old and full of fun. Here is a picture of all the litter.

Summer dogs_0210I collected him just after 8 Weeks and he soon got settled and to know the boys and his new playmate Buzz..

MMOS July Critique_0016 MMOS July Critique_0019MMOS July Critique_0018He has been a star, very clean around the house, had not chewed anything… YET… asks to go out… in fact he yells!  He has formed a strong friendship with Buzz and they have great fun chasing each other and tugging. It’s so lovely to watch. Nothing seems to worry him, he has been to the shops, to school, and coped well with the massive thunderstorm we had.

He has not yet completely won over Maya my Boarder Collie but she is much more tolerant of him than she ever was of Buzz. You can see from this image she is not impressed to be put with the boys!

MMOS July Critique_0020He is now 9 Weeks old…. and we are looking foward to our adventures together….

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Highly Commended Images

The Societies, run a mothly image competition which photographers from all over the world enter trying to get the highest Gold Award. These images are then put forward for consideration for Photogapher of the Year, where the winners are announced at the European Photographic Convention held in London in January.

You are permitted to enter one image per category each month.

January 2015 entries have been judged and I gained Highly Commended for two images. These images will be re-reviewed at the end of the year but further judges an may be upgraded to Gold.

The first image was in the Pet Portrait Category.


HCMel_Taylor_Pet Portrait_January_UK_15_10165

The second image was in the Wedding Photojournalistic category. This is the first time I have entered this category so was pleased with the result.

HCMel_Taylor_Wedding Photojournalistic_January_UK_15_101065

To celebrate success in these competitions I have decided that for  my 2015 entries I will provide my clients with a Complimentary Mounted Print at 8″x6″ or 9″x6″ for any images that gain a Highly Commended and a 12″x8″ or 10″x 8″ mounted print for those that get awarded Gold.  A small thank you for allowing me to use the image.