Dogs Today – September 2015 edition

Well I am going to have to subscribe to the magazine as I have been fortunate to have another of my images published in the Best Dog Photographs in the World section… have had a look at all editions and I have been lucky to have one in each copy up to the most recent December edition. I will post the details of those at another time.

September 2015 CoverI have really got into the magazine too, there are lots of great articles to read. Lots of breed information, problem guidance and training tips and also many informative stories. If you like dogs then it’s definitely worth picking up a copy.

The image in the September edition is of Flynn aged 12 yrs, a rescue dog from Charney Kennels who is sadly no longer with me. He got me interested in Agility and we learnt together. Those of you that have loved and lost a dog will know the pain and the gap it leaves. He was a very faithful boy and we miss him lots.

The image was taken in the poppies at the Folly Tower in Faringdon. I am fortunate enough to have many nice images of him to choose from and this one will definitely find a space on the wall. It was an image I also used as part of my licentiate Qualification panel with the Societies.

I would like to thank Jackie A for finding him in Dogs Today and letting me know he was there as I had no idea it was being published.

September 2015

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Published in Dogs Today

I had a phone call the other day from a friend stating that she was admiring one of my dog images in a magazine. Dogs Today. I thought it must be a recent one so went out to buy it only to find one of my images in it but not the one she had told me about so I decided to order back copies of the magazine since the first image of mine that they published in the July edition.

August 2015 Mag cover

Totally thrilled to be published in their Best Dog Photographs in the World feature in another one of their magazines. This time the image was of a little wire haired Portugiese Podengo Pequeno puppy. Lovely little character and we had great fun in the bluebell woods, although clearly there are no bluebells in this image. I chose this particular spot as the tree roots really helped put his size into perspective.  Sadly the print run on the magazine has a few blue streaks in it. see below for actual image.

August 2015 Mag Image PageHere is the actual image.

Digital Photographer_0171The Portuguese Podengo Pequenos are a happy, hardy, intelligent breed and love the active life. They come in two hair types – smooth and wire – they are known for their erect ears, triangular head, elegant lines of body and agile movement, and have been hunters for many centuries in Portugal. loving and lovable but are not lap dogs. They are independent thinkers who listen to their owners and delight in pleasing them.

I know the owners of this little one, love him to bits.

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Dogs Today

Last week I got exciting news, one of my images was selected by one of the leading dog magazines, “Dogs Today” to be published in their “Best Dog Photographers in the World” section. I knew that they were going to be using an image but had no idea which of the images I had sent they had chosen. They kindly sent me a copy of the magazine. I had asked permission to use the photographs and the owner of the dog that got featured had come the day before the magazine arrived for her viewing. Summer dogs_0197 Summer dogs_0198The image was taken during one of my recent facebook Pet Portrait Promotions that turned out to be very popular and I had great fun with lots of dogs and got some stunning images. Summer dogs_0199This gorgeous chocolate lab came for a photo shoot with her equally gorgeous daughter a golden lab. Both dogs had lovely temperaments although not overly keen on sitting together for a joint photograph. However with a litte bit of perserverance we got there. I particularly like the head tilt in this one.Summer dogs_0201I try and make my dog shoots fun for both owners and dogs so in between asking them to pose for us we get to play a little and I just love capturing natural shots. Summer dogs_0203The woods are a great place to shoot. The bluebells are stunning and there are also lots of other places to take nice images. Summer dogs_0209 Summer dogs_0208 If you are interested in booking a Portrait session for your dog then please do give me a call. 01235 763359 Thank you for reading my post.