Newborn and Baby Photography

I am offering Newborn and Baby photography in Oxfordshire. My aim is to bring beautiful but simplistic Newborn and Baby photography to Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Newborn Baby

Newborn baby session are best done in the first 7-12 days, although having spent two weeks in hospital with my first baby I know that this is not always possible. Therefore we can try to get the sleepy poses everyone loves so much up to 8 weeks old. If your baby is older than this then don’t discount the option but give me a call to discuss what the best options are, depending on your babies routine.

All sessions are based in my home studio and the pace of the session is determined by your baby and his or her sleeping patterns. I usually suggest that you allow up to four hours for a Newborn session which accommodates, feeding time, winding, nappy changes, cuddles, soothing to sleep and change of photographic sets.  Light refreshments are provided and you will be with your baby at all times. Mum and Dad can both be involved or you can double up with a friend and share a session and have a good catch up at the same time.

Prior to your session I will talk to you about whether you have any favorite hobbies that we may try to set a theme for, and what colour schemes you like. You are welcome to bring toys and personal items from home to use as props, but I also have a good selection here.

Newborn Baby Portrait sessions can be provisionally booked prior to the birth and if your baby is late or early the session can be moved accordingly. Why not treat yourself to a “Watch Me Grow” session and get three studio sessions for the price of two and capture the important milestones in their first year.  For further details and images please look at my website

Newborn Baby

Older baby sessions are usually an hour to an hour and a half long. This allows time for your baby to get comfortable in the new surroundings and with me, and a few changes of set and outfits. It is best to book your appointment for the time of day that your baby is normally alert and happiest.

Baby Photography

Please “Like” my Facebook business page and share with friends to keep up to date on the latest offers and promotions. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call me on 01235 763359.

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