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Maternity images are beautiful and everyone I have photographed has said after the birth,  how glad they were to have had them done. It is a special time in a woman’s life.  Not always the easiest and so soon forgotten after the birth.


What better way to remember this time than to have a selection of beautiful images to hold that memory. Partners and children are most welcome to participate if you wish but sometimes its just nice for you to have a special morning out around 4 weeks prior to the birth to relax and have a fun session to enjoy that moment. Having had to children of my own I am familiar with the emotions that you have at this special time.

IMG_8693The sessions are held in my Home based studio.  It is best if you wear either white shirts and matching jeans as in the image above or Black. However, we will discuss this before your session.

Gilpin 0029(26x16)

The studio is very private and warm for those of you wanting to capture the Demi Moore look. For more information go to my website or give me a call on 01235 763359.

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