Newborn Baby Shoots – What to expect.

Newborn babies have always fascinated me. So tiny and delicate, I remember spending hours watching mine just sleeping, taking note of all the different facial expressions they would give, those gorgeous little windy smiles that you like to believe are proper smiles and the little noises that they make.

Wedding_0433Sadly when mine were born I was working full-time and was not doing the photography professionally, yes I had a camera and I have some lovely images but wish I had some of the images I now take of other people’s babies of my boys that I could put on the wall.

I have the  images that they do at the hospital but the quality is not good and I also have some taken by Emma’s diary and they are cute but not the lovely sleepy poses that Newborn photography is about now.

These images are not captured in a short period of time, when I say to a prospective client that they should allow 2-4 hours  for the session, I often think they wonder why.. It does seem like an awfully long time,  how could it possibly take so long…….. so I decided to write this post to describe what happens in a typical session. Although having said that every session is completely different because every baby is unique.

I like to think of my sessions being a lovely experience with your baby, a morning out of the house, someone to chat to, and some special time with your baby. I provide beverages and biscuits throughout the session and partners are also welcome if you want some images of all of you.

The session is based around your baby and their needs. I work in a home environment which is nice and relaxing for you and the baby. On arrival most babies are asleep from the car journey.  We will spend a little time discussing what type of images you are after and what colour schemes you prefer.

Wedding_0431Depending on babies sleep pattern and feeding will depend on whether we can start straight away or if a feed is required. If a feed is needed then it can be another 3/4 hr before we have your little one, fed, winded and settled back to sleep. If we are fighting sleep at this point I will do some awake shot and the parent images. Wedding_0432It is usually best one baby has been fed that I take over and get baby off to sleep. You are with me all the time but it gives you time to chill out, have a break and something to eat and drink.  Once sound asleep we will start on the beanbag getting the lovely sleepy poses. Not all babies like all positions, I never force a baby into a position it does not like and your babies safety is priority at all times.

Wedding_0430The studio is kept nice and warm and white noise is played to help soothe baby.  No need to panic if there are any accidents,  I am used to wee and poo! It’s not often I have a session with out at least one toilet accident!  The main thing is not to get stressed or embarrassed, everything is washable. I do always advice bringing plenty of spare nappies! It’s usally a good source of entertainment and laughter!Wedding_0435After we have got different shots on the beanbag I will either do a different colour set or move on to propped sets. All will depend on how settled baby is. We often have another feed at this point so another 3/4 hr can go on feeding, winding and changing. Some will sleep for a few hours at a time while here and some will hold off sleeping until the last half hour of the session.  I have never not got Mum and Dad shots that they adore and if for some reason baby is very unsettled I would advise finishing and coming back another day.Wedding_0436After the session has finished, I will process the images to the highest quality and you will be invited back to view the images and chose the products that you would like. I supply a variety of High Quality Wall Art options, Albums , Prints and Digital Packages. Something to suit everyone’s budget.

Thank you for reading the post. If you would like any further information then take a look at my website or call me on 01235 763359.

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