The Baby Whisper Acadamy

You never stop learning in life and photography is no different. I attend regular workshops and mentoring to ensure that I am providing the best photography that I can to my clients. Learning about new techniques, equipment and posing all the time.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop at the Baby Whisper Academy which is run by International award-winning photographer and Olympus principal Damian McGillicuddy, he is also joined by two experienced and award-winning Newborn/Child photographers Karen Wilshire and Jocelyn Conway. The combination of the three give for a great learning process.

It was a long trek to Chester where Damian is based but well worth the journey. I have trained previously with Karen on several occasions and have always found her an inspiration. It was great to learn from two other highly respected photographers too.

Jocelyn is a trained midwife and so brings a vast amount of baby knowledge to the table.  The training was veryfocused as it should be on the safety of the babies in your care and what can and can not be done with them, how best to soothe and pose them and keep them warm but not too hot. Safety is something that is key to all my sessions.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would definitely recommend the training to other photographers, there are so many photographers out there doing baby photography that have not had adequate training on baby safety and the correct posing and lighting techniques.

The first day we had some gorgeous babies. Some more sleepy that others and we concentrated more on the beanbag poses that everyone loves. I love these shots the most, simple but so sweet, every baby is different, some like to lie on their sides, others prefer to be knees down, some will let you place the hands like in this picture, others just throw them about. The key for these is that baby must be asleep and getting them sleepy is also a skill set that has to be learnt. I often find my Newborn 1st Mums being happy that they have learnt some new soothing techniques from the sessions. Patience is also require. Everything has to be done at the babies pace and this is why Newborn sessions are normally 2-3 hrs long.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI encourage parents to bring things with them to sessions that they have bought for their new baby or a grandparent has given them. Simple little props can make for very nice images.  How cute is this little one with his mouse and look at his gorgeous hair!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf the baby is not settling then swaddling or wrapping often helps sooth them. They feel snug and secure like this and will drop off to sleep more easily.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe second day was spent looking at different sets and the best ways to light them. We were even lucky enough to have a sibling come too! I just love this set up.  The baby girl was gorgeous and was completely sparko, taking into consideration these images were taken in a studio with 7 photographers present, three trainers plus this baby and childs parents and another baby with its parent. The just going to prove that quiet is not required for getting a baby off to sleep! How did they get the little boy to look so intently at his sister?  Now there is a new trick I learnt!  Belive me, you would not have got this shot with out it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This next set was created using a lovely wooden basket and wood panels, after a nice feed the baby was happy to have a little nap and let us photograph him. I wonder what he was dreaming about?  I love this bowl and it has been added to my shopping list!




 We finshed the prop sets using a little bed, not usually something that I like but I have to say I was rather taken by this one and this beautiful little girl did look so angelic on the set.  I have to say by the end of the two days of learning and exchanging ideas with the other delegates I could have done with a sleep in that bed myself. However, I had a four hour journey home but the course was very good and I look forward to attending any further sessions in the future.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  If you would like information about my Newborn/baby shoots please go to my website –

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