Pet Tip – Comfy Collar

I am sure you have all either experienced or seen a pet after and operation with a cone collar on to stop them licking or pulling at a wound after surgery or something being treated. Well apart from how ridiculous they look, lets face it, they are not particularly comfortable for you pet either.

I just had my 10 month old castrated and was given the cone collar. He was showing a lot of interest in the wound so he had to have it on, but he was so miserable. I didn’t take a photo of him but for the first day he sat with his head bowed down looking completely miserable when he had it on so I took it off and had to keep a close eye on him and stayed with him over night. Summer dogs_0176Looking very unhappy that he can’t reach his toy!

My brother is the Practice Manager at a vets in Basildon, Essex and said that they use a comfy collar which are much nicer and give them to clients after surgery. I looked them up… Wow what a product. I would advise any pet owner to order one of these and have it in the cupboard just incase. Its fantastic. You just blow it up, its light and the dog can still eat, drink and doesn’t bang in to doors constantly like they do with a cone! Comical as that is for a while! They do get used to the other cone but if you have to leave them for any time, they can not drink with it on or chew a chewy or play with a toy.

Summer dogs_0175He certainly looks happier here!

What the Manufactures say.

Comfy Collars are used as an alternative to the traditional lampshade collar, to reduce the stress suffered by cats and dogs that are recovering from surgery or minor injuries.

Unlike the elizabethan collar (also known as the e-collar, ecollar, buster collar, surgical collar or space collar) the comfy collar does not restrict the field of view, so your dog or cat is less likely to bash into furniture. It is also much easier for them to see and reach their food bowl. If you’ve ever seen a dog or cat trying to eat whilst wearing a lampshade collar you will know just how difficult and stressful that can be!

Each comfy collar has an outer layer and a separate inflatable inner tube, with a velcro fastening strap on the outside edge and fabric hoops to secure against your pet’s collar on the inside edge. The top-up valve can be accessed through the outer layer and pushed in so that it stays flush. There is also a zip on the outer layer for easy removal of the inner tube.

I came home today to find my dog quite happily asleep in the kitchen using the collar a pillow.. he must have been happy as did not hear me come in, or the three kids in the background, playing the keyboard and being generally noisy!

Summer dogs_0177I will be getting a larger one for the cupboard just in case my other dog needs one. Don’t wait until you do need one as it takes a few days to get one delivered!

Thank you for reading my post. They are also good for cats.

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