Keep your dogs safe.

As you may know if you follow my blog, I have three lovely Mutts which I adore. I walk them at least twice a day everyday and we do training in between. My new dogs are still very young and my youngest is not entirely happy to have other dogs in his face.

This is play but it could so easily be a situation to avoid.

Having not had a dog before that is bothered by other dogs it has opened up a new world to me of how so many people have little or no control over their dogs off lead and are willing to allow their dogs to approach others without checking if they are friendly first.

If I am out walking and there is not a wide open space to allow my dog to find his own space then I put him on the lead. Generally putting dogs on a lead will make them more likely to react to another dog so I avoid this where possible but sometimes on a small track or if nearing a road there is no option.

It worries me  how many other dog owners will watch me call mine, put on the lead as they approach and still they let their dog bound over with no attempt to recall them despite my efforts of asking politely to get their dog. I am usually greeted with “he is very friendly”, that may be the case but if the other dog is likely not to be then you putting your dog at risk and also the other persons if a fight were to break out! When I say “but mine is not” there is a panic to get the other dog by which time it is usually too late!

I have not had any bad incidents in this situation but that is because I read the other dog and try to avoid letting mine practice the bad behaviour that I don’t want like barking, lunging etc but this is very difficult if the other dog is bounding around me wanting to play!

So please dog owners out there, please think about other dogs as you approach them. If they are on lead or being put on lead it is usually for a reason.


Thank you for reading my post.





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