Lockdown #3 – Easter Monday

A strange Easter for us as I am sure it was for everyone. We were thinking of going away for a few days and we usually visit my Mum in Somerset which we have not been able to do.

The boys 13/15 are being really good but there have been some signs of them getting a little fed up with the restrictions it has on them this week.

It’s shocking how quickly this virus has taken hold another 717 deaths in the last 24 hrs and a staggering total of 11,329 deaths since the first documented UK transmission on the 28th Feburary all cases before that were believed to have been caught abroad. There are also many deaths that have not been documented here, in carehomes and at home. My heart goes out to all the family and friends of these individuals.

Keeping positive and busy is key for a healthy mind and body.  I have been taking the camera out with me on all my daily excersise outings in the hope that I will be lucky enough to capature some wildlife and have been stalking birds around the garden.


Robin 26/03/2020


 Goldfinch 26/03/2020

I am also doing a 25 day dog training challenge, which has been great fun. Its games based positive Training. The focus of the training is to help you get your dogs attention more on you and off the enviroment and distractions that they may go running off to.

If you want to join in and have a go with your dog, a great thing for your kids to do then please click here. https://app.myphotoapp.com/bth9/25_Day_Dog_Challenge  The challenge is for 25 days you have access for life and can start at any time. The cost is only £27.  Maybe this looks familar for your dog?2020-04-13_0002

On the photography front I am doing a 30 day photography challenge, which was sent to me by one of my agility friends. I am working through the list in order. Here it is if you fancy having a go.

30 day challenge

Here are my first four days. Dirt, lowlight, Laudry and Water.


Keep well and Safe.

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