Lockdown # 5 – 22nd April 2020

We are halfway through the first week of the second phase of Lockdown. My boys are back to structured days after having had two weeks off for the Easter holidays. Making sure they have good happy minds during this time is key to me. They have been coping well and have been mainly positive, the odd day of everything is boring but it soon passes. Start the day with a positive thought and the day always seem so much better.

We have been blessed with lovely weather for this lockdown period and spring is definitely here and lovely to see the leaves and some blossom arriving on the trees.


My 30-day Photography project is going well. I have struggled on a few days to get the inspiration for the photographing something to match the word of the day.

Days 4 to 8 – Rainbow, Mirror, Paper & Hands.


Days 9 & 10 – Artificial Light & Brown


Day 11 & 12 — Perspective & Time


The camera had continued to come out on most of the dog walks. We were lucky to not still be on top of the hill this day! Although probably would have managed a shot or two of the pilots!


The Kites have been giving us a few displays too.



Mrs Goose has been sitting on her eggs for some time now. The incubation period is 24-32 days so there they should not be much longer. I look forward to photographing the Goslings as I do most years from a distance. Geese are very protective over their young. Last year the entire brood survived.


Keep Safe!


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