Camera Focus Support Services (CFSS)

During lockdown I had noticed that my camera’s focus was not quite where it should be. So I decided to send my kit off to Jon Mullins who owns Camera Focus Support Services having heard good reports about his work from fellow photographers.

Sending your beloved kit anywhere, even if it is not behaving is always a bit daunting but with Jon’s service there were no worries at all.

The service I received from my intial phone call to booking was first class. Once I had made my booking, Jon sent out two Peli cases for me to send my camera’s back safely via DPD so there was also no waiting around all day as DPD give you a one hour collection or delivery time.

The Peli boxes arrived, with clear instructions of what to do and post-it notes inside the cases on where I should place each of the pieces that I was returning. The peli boxs have two number padlock, one each side for additional security and the instructions for opening them were clear and simple.

Everything is packaged really well and when you open up the Peli boxes it could not be easier. Everything is provided even where to put each of the products that you are returning so that the case is packaged evenly and everything is protected as well as it can be. All you need to do is wrap the camera’s, lenses and batteries up in the bubble wrap, close up the Peli boxes. Put back into the cardboard box and seal up ready to return. You are even provided with the tape to seal up the boxes.

Showing how the box arrived with notes saying where to put the kit.

The boxes were collected by DPD to return to Jon later that same day. Jon informs you as soon as they have arrived and updates you on how long he expects to have them.

One of my camera’s had a problem and this was also sorted for me, the camera was sent directly from Jon to Advanced Camera Services where it was repaired, and then returned to Jon, where he made his final tests and tweaks prior to returning to me. How much of a headache did that save me!

I really appreciated that it did not have to be returned here then go out for repair and then back to Jon.

Kit returned and each item noted as to where it was in the box.

The whole process was very slick, I was kept informed all the way through the process and the Camera gear was returned to me, in the same way, in Peli boxs, and a little treat was also waiting for me inside…. some yummy chocs… a nice touch. Collection of the Peli boxes was arranged for the next day all via DPD again.

The kit was sparkling and the improvement has been very noticable. I would not hesitate to recommend Jon’s services. Jon also provided some good advice on battery life and helped me get to grips with back button focusing, which I have not used much before.

Thank you so much. I would definately recommend Jon’s services to anyone.

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