Lockdown #7

Well, we are still here, in a slightly less strict lockdown. People can meet outside in groups of up to 6 people. Schools have opened for a few years. All non-essential shops opened yesterday. People that live on their own can form bubbles. Most people are sticking to the rules as they are relaxed. However, it seems that people can gather in massive numbers to demonstrate, not socially distancing and can cram on to our beaches on a hot day, not social distancing and nothing is done about it.  But enough about that and I won’t go down the Cummings route!

Out here in the sticks, the Goslings are thriving, and boy do they grow quickly.


Early morning huddle.


Group walk – 27th May 2020


All 5 Goslings are still doing well. They are much bigger and more independant now.

Image taken 6th June 2020, the Goslings are a month old. They are still being kept at a distance so photographing them is difficult.

Thanks for reading and Keep safe!


Lockdown #6

Photography is still on hold. I could with the new Lockdown ruling do an outside Dog shoot with one of the owners present and social distancing but have not yet started this.

So I continue to stalk the wildlife around locally. Since the lockdown rules have been lifted a little and there is no restriction on exercise, there has been a noticeable increase in the footfall in and around the village. So not always easy, as I also usually have three dogs and two teenage boys out on walks with me!

The Goslings are growing. If I miss a day of seeing them I can see that they have grown the next day. They don’t stay as fluffy yellow balls of cuteness for long.

The parents keep them at a good distance still and are very protective. Another goose was not greeted well.  No more staying at home for them, they are out and about and being Alert!


The parents are constantly looking out for Danger…



The little ones like their independence and a solo swim is often taken when Mum is not looking!


Swiming together is also fun, but Mum often leaves them to it.


Then some playtime can be had, not mad paddling to keep up!


This last image was taken on the 17th May, they are just over a week old. All five are still with us.


Thank you for reading. Keep Safe.