In and around Letcombe Regis – March/April 2015

I have been rather busy recently and hence the delay in getting another of these put together. The weather improved as we moved to spring and so I am able to take the camera out more. The mornings get lighter and the evenings darker and the wildlife are busy setting about spring time activities.

Wild Deer

March and April were both good months for spotting the local wild deer. The are easily spooked so always a challenge to get a shot before they see either the dogs or myself and then I have the dilemma depending on how close they are as to whether I think I should grab the dogs in case they think about chasing (which they have never done yet) or get the image!

These deer were in the fields beyond Letcombe Regis. A young stag in the middle.

digital photographer_0045These deer were near the Ridgeway near Letcombe Regis.

digital photographer_0048These images were taken on a walk on the outskirts of Hendred.

digital photographer_0046 digital photographer_0047This herd was seen on a walk on the Ridgeway near Letcombe Regis.  A lovely group of young stags! It was a shame the rape was not in full bloom!

digital photographer_0052I spotted this single deer near Letcombe Regis… those living locally may recognise the landscape.

digital photographer_0051Birds of Prey

Not a very exciting collection of images but I am always in awe of any Bird of Prey and could watch them for hours. These kites were taken around Letcombe Regis.

digital photographer_0039Kestrels are very shy little birds so I am always please if I mange to get some images. This one was hiding in the blossom on the way into the Nature reserve, Letcombe Regis.

digital photographer_0042This one was on the road to Letcombe Basset near College Farm…

Digital Photographer_0040 digital photographer_0041Occasionally I see Kestrels around the recreation ground in Letcombe Regis, but they are quick to fly off when you see them.  This one was in one of the trees near the football pitch.

digital photographer_0057This one was perched on the Cricket Sight screen on the recreation ground.

digital photographer_0058This next picture was a rare caputure I have never seen one on the ground before looking for carrion. Taken by the Cricket Pitch on the recreation ground.

digital photographer_0064Other Birds

There always a lot of Canada Geese around the village. Sadly I have not seen any goslings this year. Taken behind the Recreation Ground.

digital photographer_0063Taken at the pond on the Deer Farm.

digital photographer_0044

Robins, again very shy birds but so beautiful and such lovely calls. Both images taken near the deer farm.

digital photographer_0055 digital photographer_0056I see Yellow Hammers every year but this year I have not seen so many and they take flight quickly when they see you coming. Such a colourful bird.

digital photographer_0053Thurshes are again very shy birds but also very graceful… this was taken on the recreation ground.

digital photographer_0054

Game Birds

Partridges, lovely beautiful birds, very good at hiding and very shy….

digital photographer_0061 digital photographer_0060

The Solar Eclipse 2015

A major event for March… images taken from my garden.

digital photographer_0043Letcombe Village

St Andrews Church in Letcombe Regis had a new roof and looked very smart this spring with the Daffodils.

digital photographer_0065Deer Farm

Coming out of Winter and looking a bit scruffy with mud covered winter coats. I always look forward to the arrival of the newborn calfs.

digital photographer_0050Thank you for reading my post. Some of my images are available on Postcards or Greeting cards at the Richmond Homes, village shop and tea rooms. Thank you for reading my post.

Busy Bee


I have not written a blog for a while as I have been a busy bee. Working on various portrait sessions and other jobs over Easter and trying to entertain the kids, which was made easier by the lovely weather we had.

I have also started a new Continued Development Programme, which I will blog about at a later date but needless to say that has brought about additional workload too over the past few weeks and I have already attended my first 1:1 session in Leamington Spa

The colours around at present are lovely. All the yellow rape, the daffs, tulips, bluebells etc. I have decided that this will be a yellow blip as this is the predominant colour at present. The image above was taken with my long lens, and believe me, focusing on a bee with a 100-400 lens is not easy, however I have not yet plucked up the courage to get close enough to these super big buzzies with my Macro lens and the day I post a close up of a wasp will the day the flags should be put out!

Yellow Hammer

Even some of the wildlife are yellow in colour at present. I took this image of a Male, Yellow Hammer yesterday.

The Macro lens has been out and I have been brave enough to get near some of the smaller buzzies of the world. As long as they are nectar gathering they don’t seem to be bothered by me and that’s the way I like it!


I prefer the more beautiful butterflies, but they are very active at present and getting them sat still and getting close is almost impossible. I did manage it earlier in the week but its not a yellow one, so you will have to see that one at another time.  This image again was taken with a long lens as its the only way to get them when they have landed at present. The camouflage is very good.


Last for this blog is my new friend the Oil Beetle, these are apparently endangered and I am lucky enough to have a couple in the garden that pose occasionally for me. They are quite big, about 2 inches long. They are fascinating creatures. Follow the link if you are interested in reading about them.