Wedding Pre-Shoots

The wedding season will soon be up on us and although weddings take place throughout the year, summer is far the most popular.
As part of the wedding preparations have a pre-shoot with each of my couples. To me this is one of the most important things a Wedding Photographers should do. For me it is vital and something that I insist on.

Although I have already met my Wedding couple and talked in length about the plans for their big day and the ideas of what they would like and not like prior to me being booked and with the knowledge that I will meet up with them at the Wedding venue a couple of weeks before the big day to look at the space, the decor, the lighting and photographic opportunities to me these meetings can not replace the value of a pre-shoot.

It is at the pre-shoot that I get to really get to know my Wedding couples better, find out what their personalities, their fears and concerns, what they are really like and how comfortable they are or aren’t  in front of the camera.

I get to see how they react with each other. Some people are uncomfortable being affectionate in public, other are not. I don’t want to be asking my couples to do things on their wedding day that they are not comfortable with.

I need to understand how they react with each other. What makes them laugh, give help and guidance on posing so it is not awkward on the day. I want my couples to understanding why I may head for the shade on a bright sunny day to avoid harsh shadows on their faces so they come willingly and don’t think I have gone completely mad! I cover all the types of things we will be doing on the day so there are no big surprises and everyone is happy going forward to the wedding day.

The sessions are fun and informal and taken preferably between 6-3 months before the wedding. It gives the couple a chance to get to know me, and see my work and be sure they have selected the right photographer. They also get a Mounted 12″x8″ print of their choice from the session.

The location of the shoot will vary depending on the time of year and locations that may be special to the couple. I try to do all pre-shoots out on location as this is more realistic to a wedding day.

Here are a few images taken on pre-shoots.  For more details on my Wedding Photography please go to my website

Wedding Pre-Shoot Taken at the Nature Reserve,Letcombe Regis

IMG_5184B&WLetcombe Regis, Nature Reserve, Sadly these big trees have now been chopped down.

IMG_4663SSt Andrews Church, Letcombe Regis

IMG_4811FThe Ridgeway, near Wantage

ZX7A3544FCGreat Coxwell

ZX7A0131FLetcombe Regis Village

ZX7A0059FBWThe Ridgeway, Letcombe Regis

IMG_7875vBWThe Recreation Ground, Letcombe Regis

IMG_7913FThe Ridgeway, near Wantage

ZX7A1289FBWViews over Letcombe Regis from Segsbury Camp

ZX7A1191FThe Nature Reserve, Letcombe Regis

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