Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has always been on my list of places to visit especially after watching the BBC TV Drama “Our Zoo”. So with my new camera I went for a visit and not being a real lover of Zoo’s I was impressed on how well the animals were cared for and the size of the enclosures.

I am fascinated by Apes, sadly the day I was there the Chimpanzee’s were inside as they were busy introducing some new members to the groups and were keeping them in while the process was being completed. I always think they look sad when indoors but the majority were sleeping or grooming.

I took my new camera… I had not had a play with it previously so I encountered a few problems throughout the day, while I navigated my way around the numerous menu options  and in a very trial and error fashion. In hindsight a quick read through the user manual for key functions and how to adjust them may have been a wise idea but I managed and am pleased with the results….


These images were taken through glass and the light levels were quite low…


The zoo has a group of 25 Chimpanzee’s and I look forward to visiting another day and hopefully be able to observe them outside having fun.

Thank you for reading my post.. I will be posting more images from the zoo in the near future.

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