Elephants as Chester Zoo

Continuing my trip to Chester zoo the first animals I saw were the elephants. They have Asian Elephants at the zoo. These have smaller ears than African Elephants. I also didn’t know that they had a baby born this year. The zoo captured the birth on CCTV and the video is worth a watch.. http://www.chesterzoo.org/attractions-and-exhibits/zoo-news/elephant-calf-born-2015.

Nandita was born in August 2015 and there is not much cuter than a baby elephant. The parents were keeping her close on the day we visited. Asian Elephants are huge then can grow up to three meters tall.


Obviously its nicer to see them roaming the wild but they are becoming endangered, if not for their ivory they have to compete for land with the farmers.


The parents were keeping close tabs on her the day I visited.


Sadly this young Elephant was just having a drink and not wanting a shower! Lovely water feature for them to play in.


The great thing about days out at the zoo is getting to learn a little more about them. I came across these little fellas at the zoo and unknowing to me they are the closest living relative to the Elephant…. the Rock Hyrax…


They apparently have acute hearing and have hooves rather than claws on their toes, they also have two large incisors, that continually grow which is similar to an elephant’s tusks.

The Rock Hyrax has a pregnancy that lasts for around seven and a half months , which another sign of their relation the Elephants, as most small mammals have a much shorter gestation period.

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Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has always been on my list of places to visit especially after watching the BBC TV Drama “Our Zoo”. So with my new camera I went for a visit and not being a real lover of Zoo’s I was impressed on how well the animals were cared for and the size of the enclosures.

I am fascinated by Apes, sadly the day I was there the Chimpanzee’s were inside as they were busy introducing some new members to the groups and were keeping them in while the process was being completed. I always think they look sad when indoors but the majority were sleeping or grooming.

I took my new camera… I had not had a play with it previously so I encountered a few problems throughout the day, while I navigated my way around the numerous menu options  and in a very trial and error fashion. In hindsight a quick read through the user manual for key functions and how to adjust them may have been a wise idea but I managed and am pleased with the results….


These images were taken through glass and the light levels were quite low…


The zoo has a group of 25 Chimpanzee’s and I look forward to visiting another day and hopefully be able to observe them outside having fun.

Thank you for reading my post.. I will be posting more images from the zoo in the near future.