Dogs Today – September 2015 edition

Well I am going to have to subscribe to the magazine as I have been fortunate to have another of my images published in the Best Dog Photographs in the World section… have had a look at all editions and I have been lucky to have one in each copy up to the most recent December edition. I will post the details of those at another time.

September 2015 CoverI have really got into the magazine too, there are lots of great articles to read. Lots of breed information, problem guidance and training tips and also many informative stories. If you like dogs then it’s definitely worth picking up a copy.

The image in the September edition is of Flynn aged 12 yrs, a rescue dog from Charney Kennels who is sadly no longer with me. He got me interested in Agility and we learnt together. Those of you that have loved and lost a dog will know the pain and the gap it leaves. He was a very faithful boy and we miss him lots.

The image was taken in the poppies at the Folly Tower in Faringdon. I am fortunate enough to have many nice images of him to choose from and this one will definitely find a space on the wall. It was an image I also used as part of my licentiate Qualification panel with the Societies.

I would like to thank Jackie A for finding him in Dogs Today and letting me know he was there as I had no idea it was being published.

September 2015

Thank you for reading my blog.

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