Dashing Dash

Was it only four months ago that I shared some images of my lovely new Mini American Shepherd – Dash… how did he grow so quickly… cruel how we are cheated so quickly from all that gorgeous puppy awesomeness!

digital photographer_0017

As puppies go he has been a star. Only a little whimper for the first few night and very quickly house trained. He has become best buddies with my other Shepherd, Buzz and even Maya my collie likes him a little. Buzz is still trying to gain her affections but doesn’t realise that trying to plant kisses on her every morning will not win her over!

digital photographer_0070

Dash is not backwards at coming forward, he enjoyed his two puppy socialisation classes where we realised that bouncy puppies are not something that he is keen on and he can have a little temper when confronted by bounciness! Can’t say I would be too happy if a stranger came running up to me and started jumping all over me.

We have gone through the weird ear phase but they have now settled down but he has had a few different looks.

Digital Photographer_0111

Digital Photographer_0112

Digital Photographer_0181

He has been a joy to train and once we get over the initial excitement that training involves food, and food is something that Dash is very keen on and is very vocal about letting me know this at feed time!

We have already started our agility training. Lots of fun games at the moment and just working with poles on the ground and learning our left from right and he has a fantastic wait which will be a great help once we start competing.

Digital Photographer_0138

Apart from his agility he loves to snooze, more so now that the weather has turned wet and nasty. Getting up in the morning is hard, we would rather snuggle into Maya’s bed than go out for a walk and getting our feet wet is not something we like to do and will avoid going out to do what little pups need to do until physically taken!  He will then tiptoe around and walk like John Wayne!

Digital Photographer_0201

So we continue our journey together learning new things every day, having lots of kisses and cuddles and he has grown into quite a Dashing young fella.

Digital Photographer_0200

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Published in Dogs Today

I had a phone call the other day from a friend stating that she was admiring one of my dog images in a magazine. Dogs Today. I thought it must be a recent one so went out to buy it only to find one of my images in it but not the one she had told me about so I decided to order back copies of the magazine since the first image of mine that they published in the July edition.

August 2015 Mag cover

Totally thrilled to be published in their Best Dog Photographs in the World feature in another one of their magazines. This time the image was of a little wire haired Portugiese Podengo Pequeno puppy. Lovely little character and we had great fun in the bluebell woods, although clearly there are no bluebells in this image. I chose this particular spot as the tree roots really helped put his size into perspective.  Sadly the print run on the magazine has a few blue streaks in it. see below for actual image.

August 2015 Mag Image PageHere is the actual image.

Digital Photographer_0171The Portuguese Podengo Pequenos are a happy, hardy, intelligent breed and love the active life. They come in two hair types – smooth and wire – they are known for their erect ears, triangular head, elegant lines of body and agile movement, and have been hunters for many centuries in Portugal. loving and lovable but are not lap dogs. They are independent thinkers who listen to their owners and delight in pleasing them.

I know the owners of this little one, love him to bits.

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Digital Photographer Magazine

It’s always exciting when you get an image published and this month I had an image published in the  Digital Photographer Magazine with one of my Pet Portraits. IMG_20150909_0002The image is of Dash and Buzz, both are Mini American Shepherd Dogs, bred by Basileas Miniature American Shepherds. More information on the breed can be found on the Breed Website. http://www.mascgb.co.uk. The Miniature American Shepherd is a small size herding dog that originated in the United States.

These two gorgeous guys I am proud to say are mine. Buzz in a year old now and Dash is now 18 weeks which is a about two months since the image was taken. They both have the most wonderful temperaments, are very keen to learn and like to be kept busy. They have become best buddies and play all day and snuggle up together at rest time.

digital photographer_0001The image was taken in my studio.. and I have to admit a great amount of effort went in to getting the two of them to stay there, get the right expressions and take the image on my own. Usually I would have an owner in helping me. You can see more of my pet portraits on my website. http://www.meltaylorphotography.co.uk

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My New Pup….

“What another”, many have said, as Buzz is only just turning 11 months. I made the mistake of going to the breeders http://www.basileas-minis.com to photograph the two litters she had there and just fell in love with this one. Sadly for my husband who thinks one dog would be one too many… the person who he was taken by pulled out…. Lucky me!!!!!  How could I resist this little fella.   (4 Weeks Old)

Summer dogs_0068

He is another Mini American Shepherd dog, the same breed as Buzz but different parents and he has now been at home with us for a week and a half and has settle in so well as did Buzz. He will probably be a little bigger than Buzz but smaller than Maya. His name is DASH..  Summer dogs_0168

I took several trips over to see this little fella and the rest of the pups. My next visit was at 5 weeks old, they do grow so quickly!

Summer dogs_0095It was also nice to be able to get some images of the pups outside as well. Makes me laugh how short his legs are in these images.

Summer dogs_0091Next visit was for a sneaky cuddle and of course some more pictures. All the pups had grown so much and at this point are 7 Weeks old and full of fun. Here is a picture of all the litter.

Summer dogs_0210I collected him just after 8 Weeks and he soon got settled and to know the boys and his new playmate Buzz..

MMOS July Critique_0016 MMOS July Critique_0019MMOS July Critique_0018He has been a star, very clean around the house, had not chewed anything… YET… asks to go out… in fact he yells!  He has formed a strong friendship with Buzz and they have great fun chasing each other and tugging. It’s so lovely to watch. Nothing seems to worry him, he has been to the shops, to school, and coped well with the massive thunderstorm we had.

He has not yet completely won over Maya my Boarder Collie but she is much more tolerant of him than she ever was of Buzz. You can see from this image she is not impressed to be put with the boys!

MMOS July Critique_0020He is now 9 Weeks old…. and we are looking foward to our adventures together….

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Dogs Today

Last week I got exciting news, one of my images was selected by one of the leading dog magazines, “Dogs Today” to be published in their “Best Dog Photographers in the World” section. I knew that they were going to be using an image but had no idea which of the images I had sent they had chosen. They kindly sent me a copy of the magazine. I had asked permission to use the photographs and the owner of the dog that got featured had come the day before the magazine arrived for her viewing. Summer dogs_0197 Summer dogs_0198The image was taken during one of my recent facebook Pet Portrait Promotions that turned out to be very popular and I had great fun with lots of dogs and got some stunning images. Summer dogs_0199This gorgeous chocolate lab came for a photo shoot with her equally gorgeous daughter a golden lab. Both dogs had lovely temperaments although not overly keen on sitting together for a joint photograph. However with a litte bit of perserverance we got there. I particularly like the head tilt in this one.Summer dogs_0201I try and make my dog shoots fun for both owners and dogs so in between asking them to pose for us we get to play a little and I just love capturing natural shots. Summer dogs_0203The woods are a great place to shoot. The bluebells are stunning and there are also lots of other places to take nice images. Summer dogs_0209 Summer dogs_0208 If you are interested in booking a Portrait session for your dog then please do give me a call. 01235 763359 Thank you for reading my post.

A Happy Ending …. continued

Earlier I wrote about a little Ferret that I had found on the Ridgeway and was collected by a rescue center. Click here for the previous blog post http://wp.me/p4eAig-6E.

The story had a happy ending and his new owners very kindly dropped me a line having seen the blog post and sent me a few images. He has a new name – Pip and he now has four friends to play with. Here are some of the images that his new family sent me.

Ferret4 Ferret3 Ferret2 Ferret He looks very settled and well-loved to me.  A good result.